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Our Mission: About Us


Youth Uproar Theatre Company wants to create a space to have important discussions, to educate the people about the world of theatre and its history, to amplify and empower underrepresented voices, and to build a community that is grounded in the wonderful, passionate zeal that all teenagers possess.

Actors on Stage
Our Mission: Who We Are


During the founding process of Youth Uproar Theatre Company, we decided on several Core Values that we will uphold in our work for the years to come. Core Values are the foundational pillars of our company that express how we will truly live up to our mission. Each value stands out on its own but also coincides with the other values providing a truly uplifting, equitable and sustainable company.

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YUTC wants members of the company to break down the status quo and open minds to use intersectionality as a way to recognize unique differences, privileges and/or oppression certain people face and make others aware of them through art.

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YUTC wants members of the company to accept each other with empathy and understanding. They may not always understand, but with acceptance we can have unity.

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YUTC wants all members of the company to create theater that pushes limits and breathes fresh air into this age-old art form. We will use the work that has come before us to tell stories and harness our creativity to create future stories.

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YUTC wants all teens interested to get the chance of participating in the company as a way to show people the YUTC way and inspire them to become or continue to be an uproar-ing artist.

Our Mission: What We Do
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